Objects for Vue d'Esprit. Just download the files by clicking on the thumbnail. The files are packed in zip. All files and the whole content are my intellectual property or copyright free.

Installation guide: just unzip the file, then put the .vob file into your "objects" subfolder. Systems requirement: Windows PC, Vue 6 Esprit or higher

-> A small simple audiometry (exe file)

-> unit calculator (exe file), translation of centimeters <> inches, astronomical units <> billion kilometers <> parsec

observatory, click here

observatory, © by Roland Mutterer 559 kB

small private garden observatory

fire bowl, click here

Fire bowl, © by Roland Mutterer 76,7 kB

A fire bowl, object modelled in Vue out of primitives. Use this fire bowl to lighten your scene, maybe a temple scene.

Window, click here

Window, © by Roland Mutterer 1,71 MB

A window, object modelled in Vue out of primitives. A window to put into a wall. You can turn the casements to open or close them.

cabin, click here

cabin, © by Roland Mutterer 1,13 MB

A complete wooden cabin for Vue 7, made with primitives. Including base, roof, windows, chimney with smoke. To use e.g in landscape scenes.

dagoba, click here

dagoba, © by Roland Mutterer 17,6 kB

The top of a dagoba