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rain forest 2 comet the beach ship in storm the pier Olive grove Amazonas bats at night cabin at the lake flight on the dragon of happiness pacific ocean at the beach luminous appearance leopard the island the island moon 2 rain forest Orion nebula the island 2 the island the valley 2 moon lying girl In the hammock the beach house 3 la vie en paysage night at the lake the beach house 2 king frog the canyon dragon inn Africa the valley in the wood 2 the tree tree house 2 tree house mountains in clouds at the beach the cave camp fire golden ring dagobas the wood otherworld at the sea Sojuz Enterprise airplane wide land sad abused woods girl on tree Pandora suspicious lovers in the moonlight where are my cloaths? elephant frog girl bay autumn wood plane of forests sword morning at the lake sea gulls stampede Serengeti ther fortress fog bank stone circle horses on a paddock the unicorn cover for the album of Ariel voyage to saturn sunset in the mountainns the dark tower the village lantern evening mood in the forests in the jungle bay of storms map of an island the castle forested river valley sunset on an island pirates manta dolphins Stonehenge old town Good night, Neverland! read your book in the wood enclave the curse of the black pearl will o'the wisps Rak Cthol eagle danger in the dungeon a apanish galleon in the south sea a cabin at a lake waterfall India lost atoll in the south sea lost atoll in the south sea lost atoll in the south sea evening star latin? maple wood in autumn air the wizards tower picking dreams letter in the night the letter Anduin river a block house wood of oblivion Nauru 23 winter scene the plain of Groh oasis downtown in paradise panoramic view westghats moon over the sea pyramids of Giza flowstone cave cristal pot the land of wolves moon temple of the goddess Aila aquarium Ascalon in the desert alf laila walaila silvermoon Seychelles planets of our solar system island of the dead dwarf house moon light sunset in the south sea a river in the wood the lake the plain of Lugos the ivory tower
foggy rain forest
Rewgenwald 2 schließen
comet close
the beach
the beach close
ship in storm
ship in storm close
the pier
the pier close
Olive grove
Olive grove close
Amazonas close
bats at night
bats at night close
cabin at the lake
cabin at the lake close
flight on the dragon of happiness
flight on the dragon of happiness close
pacific ocean
pacific ocean close
at the beach
at the beach close
luminous appearance
luminous appearance close
leopard close
the island
the island close
the island
the island close
moon 2
moon 2 close
rain forest
rain forest close
Orion nebula, stacked by 12 takes with Skywatcher telescope 5''. Canon 650D, 12 x 8 sec., ISO 3200
Orion nebula close
the island 2"
the island 2 close
the island
the island close
the valley 2
the valley 2 close
moon, stacked by 5 takes with Skywatcher telescope 5''. Canon 650D, 5 x 1/200 sec., ISO 400
moon close
lying girl
lying girl close
In the hammock
In the hammock close
the beach house 3
the beach house 3 close
la vie en paysage
la vie en paysage close
night at the lake
night at the lake close
the beach house 2
the beach house 2 close
king frog
king frog close
the canyon
the canyon close
dragon inn
dragon inn close
Africa close
the valley
the valley close
in the wood 2
in the wood 2 close
the tree
the tree close
tree house 2
tree house 2 close
tree house
tree house close
mountains in clouds
mountains in clouds close
at the beach
at the beach close
the cave
the cave close
camp fire
camp fire close
golden ring
golden ring close
dagobas, buddhist temples
dagobas close
the wood
the wood close
otherworld close
at the sea
at the sea close
Sojuz close
Enterprise close
airplane close
wide land
wide land close
sad close
abused close
woods close
girl on tree
girl on tree close
Pandora, break-up to another world, inspired by the movie
Pandora close
suspicious close
lovers in the moonlight
lovers in the moonlight close
where are my cloaths?
where are my cloaths? close
elephant close
frog girl
frog girl close
bay close
autumn wood
autumn wood close
plane of forests
plane of forests close
sword close
morning at the lake
morning at the lake close
sea gulls
sea gulls close
stampede close
Serengeti close
the fortress
the fortress close
fog bank
fog bank close
stone circle
stone circle close
horses on a paddock
horses on a paddock close
the unicorn
the unicorn close
cover for the album of Ariel. Ariel is harper, multi instrumentalist, fairy tales singer, troubadour and and minstrel
cover for the album of Ariel close
voyage to saturn
voyage to saturn close
sunset in the mountains
sunset in the mountains close
the dark tower © "Dark tower" by The Dark Anvil team
the dark tower close
the village lantern
the village lantern close
evening mood in the forests
evening mood in the forests close
in the jungle
in the jungle close
bay of storms
bay of storms close
map of an island
map of an island close
the castle"
the castle close
forested river valley
forested river valley close
sunset on an island
sunset on an island close
pirates close
manta close
dolphins close
Stonehenge, from exact scientific measures. Like this it must have looked some thousand years ago.
Stonehenge close
old town
old town close
Good night, Neverland!
Good night, Neverland! close
read your book in the wood
read your book in the wood close
enclave close
the curse of the black pearl, drink up, me hearties, yo ho!
the curse of the black pearl close
will o'the wisps, you are walking in a cold clammy night through a swamp, in front of you the path, not very trustful. Suddenly you can see them: lights, dancing on the path. They woo you, but you must not follow them, it's will o'the wisps, who brought many lonesome wanderers to death
will o'the wisps close
Rak Cthol, the city on the mountain
Rak Cthol close
eagle close
danger in the dungeon
danger in the dungeon close
a apanish galleon in the south sea
a apanish galleon in the south sea close
a cabin at a lake
a cabin at a lake close
waterfall close
India close
lost atoll in the south sea
lost atoll in the south sea close
lost atoll in the south sea
lost atoll in the south sea close
lost atoll in the south sea
lost atoll in the south sea close
evening star
evening star close
latin? close
maple wood in autumn
maple wood in autumn close
air, inspirations on one of the four magic elements
air close
A wizards tower - it's worth a visit, but be aware: he is a mysterious man!
the wizards tower close
picking dreams. A dream: you hover above an endless plain, below you only the waft of your awareness. Suddenly you discover a light: the nothing! You can get there by a ladder of star dust.
picking dreams close
letter in the night, at the open window he still has no idea what to write, but the warm summer air inspires him.
letter in the night close
the letter
the letter close
river Anduin, at the falls of Rauros at the Argonath; Tol Brandir
Anduin river close
a block house
a block house close
wood of oblivion, also called the wood of truth. The magic of this wood is for everybody to forget his past.
wood of oblivion close
Nauru 23, going to swim in the moon shine. The water is still warm.
Nauru 23 close
winter scene
winter scene close
the plain of Groh, view from the Genodic mountains at the plain, approximately in the region, where the land Alibor of old has been, in the west of Lugos.
the plain of Groh close
oasis, a dry river valley in the desert.
oasis close
downtown close
in paradise
in paradise close
panoramic view, bad weather threatening in the mountains of doom
panoramic view close
Westghats, a tropic humid coast in south west India, a biologic "hotspot", a big diversity of fauna and flora.
westghats close
moon over the sea, the lonesome tower of a wizard
moon over the sea close
pyramids of Giza, impressions from Egypt
pyramids of Giza close
flowstone cave
flowstone cave close
cristal pot
cristal pot close
the land of wolves
the land of wolves close
moon temple of the goddess Aila. Moon down at the early morning
moon temple of the goddess Aila close
aquarium, many coloured fish in a coral reef
aquarium close
Ascalon, in the land of wizards and dragons
Ascalon close
in the desert
in the desert close
alf laila walaila (arabian: 1001 nights) - impressions from Egypt. On holiday I saw a painting on papyrus. At home I digitalized it from my brain.
alf laila walaila close
silvermoon, a walk at full moon
silvermoon close
Seychelles close
planets of our solar system: Jupiter with moons, Saturn and far away Uranus
planets of our solar system close
The island of the dead, a ride over the river Styx into the land of the dead.
The island of the dead close
A dwarf house, a dark wood, light falls out of a small cabin on the fern.
dwarf house close
silver moon light is shining on a lake. The stars are shining and fog rises from the water.
moon light close
sunset in the south sea. A castaway was in the sea all the day and now at last he reached this lonesome land.
sunset in the south sea close
a river in the wood, do you hear the bubbling of the water and the chirping of the birds?
a river in the wood close
a lake. It's early morning and the air is fresh yet.
the lake close
the plain of Lugos. Lugos is an important city on Myrailon. This is the view which Vanessa has at her first step at this world.
the plain of Lugos close
the ivory tower
the ivory tower close